I Have A Dream
 This picture is from Detroit's Labor Day Parade. I wrote about it at the time - the professors' union was on strike and walking in the parade. This was a photo I took bit didn't use at the time.  ... continue reading »

Corrections Corporation of America (CXW): Hot Stock or High-Debt Timebomb?
Last fall, I continued by studies of private prisons by reading through some of the Securities and Exchange Commission filings for the Corrections Corporation of America (ticker: CXW). I was interested in looking at the overhead costs to get a better sense of why private prisons don't save much money over state run prisons. (For those wanting the quick answe, check out the Why Private prisons Don't Save Money page I made.)What's interesting is looking at the chart of their stock price, especially in light of discussion on various websites about how they're a hot stock and gaining rapidly. I... continue reading »