Hussein Hanging Video: A Great Day for Democracy?
As I noted last month, I'm working on an article about televising McVeigh's execution: Why Is Photographing an Execution A Crime? Once and Future Issues Raised by the Suit to Webcast McVeigh's Execution. So, it's interesting to come back from eight hours on the road to see Hussein has not only been executed, but there's video footage of it. Although there's a federal law that prevents making a photographic recording of executions in the U.S., there's nothing formal that prohibits media from showing Saddam 'Butcher of Baghdad' Hussein's execution. But the U.S. media thinks it's inappropriate to do so. Why?I'm... continue reading »

Supreme Court, Standing & Global Warming: Everything You Wanted to Know About Standing But Were Afraid to Ask
In the last post, I previewed several Supreme Court cases, including Massachusetts v Environmental Protection Agency, where the Court is deciding if EPA can be compelled to regulate greenhouse gases as pollutants. I commented:I'll take a wild guess that the main issue will be standing, the legal doctrine about the ability of a party to sue (in this about the level and directness of harm)...  I'd look for the Court to duck the substantive issue in favor of a narrow, technical/procedural ruling that disposes of the case and leaves the status quo in place.The direction of oral argument seems to... continue reading »